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Tile Care Made Easy

Tile finds its way into every room of the home, outdoor spaces, and commercial and industrial buildings by providing an infinite number of aesthetic options through color, texture, and dimension. The durability and energy efficiency of tile adds value, and no material is more sustainable or has lower maintenance costs.

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For the most part, tile products require minimal maintenance.

For basic cleaning instructions follow manufacturer recommendations. Always use caution when selecting cleaning products containing lemon, vinegar, or other acids as they may dull or etch your tile.

To get the longest life and preserve the beauty of your tile follow these simple tips:

  • DUST MOPPING: Dust mop interior floors frequently using a clean non-treated dry dust mop. Sand, dirt, and grit are abrasive and can damage the tile.
  • MATS/RUGS: Mats or area rugs inside and outside an entrance will help to minimize the sand, dirt, and grit that may scratch the tile floor. Be sure that the underside of the mat or rug is a slip-resistant surface.
  • VACUUM CLEANERS: If used, be sure the metal or plastic attachments or the wheels are not worn as they can scratch the surface of some tile.
  • SPILLS: Immediately, blot the spill with a paper towel. Don’t wipe the area as it will spread the spill. Flush the area with water and mild soap and rinse several times. Dry the area thoroughly with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary.

Under normal residential use, glazed and unglazed tile can be cleaned using clean water and a tile cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

When cleaning tile always follow up with a rinse of clean water to completely remove all the cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning will prevent a build-up of dirt, residue, grease, soap, detergents, or other external contaminants.

Cleaning Grout

Depending on how dirty your grout is, hot water, a scrub brush, and elbow grease may be all you need to clean your grout.

For tougher residue and grime you may need to take it up a notch by mixing together:

  • ½ Cup of baking soda
  • ¼ Cup of hydrogen peroxide
  •  1 teaspoon dish soap

Apply to grout and wait a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing.

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